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5 Podcasts To Learn More About Climate Change

Written by SWAY

Climate change issues are complex and require a lot of studying, but we know understanding them is crucial to build a better future. Enter podcasts, an easy (and practical) way of breaking down and digesting all that complex information. We might not all have the time to read scientific studies at night ( nor what it takes to truly understand them) but we most likely have a few minutes each day during our commute to get informed. Discover below our favourite podcasts on climate change to get you started on the subject:

How To Save A Planet

This brilliant podcast is all about optimism and positive actions. Hosted by Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and journalist Alex Blumberg, How To Save A Planets will inform you about the key aspect of climate change and also the less talked about topics such as how can seaweed farming help control Co2 emissions.

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For What It’s Earth

This is the podcast for you if you want to understand complex climate issues but often get stopped by the scientific lingo. Emma Brisdion and Lloyd Hopkins along with expert guests will talk you through electric cars, wildfires, fast fashion, the role of plants in climate change, with such ease that you will feel equipped to dive deeper.

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TIL Climate

Don’t have much time? This one is for you. In episodes of 15 minutes or less this is podcast will get you up to speed on a range of complex climate topics, from carbon capture to clean energies via regenerative farming. Listen on Spotify or Apple.

Hot Take

Cohosted by Mary Annaïse Heglar and Amy Westervelt, Hot Take takes a frank, no-bullsh*t look at climate change and all the ways we are talking – and not talking – about it. Expect to learn more about the complex ways it ties to feminism and racism too, otherwise known as intersectional environmentalism.

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Green Dreamer Podcast

How do we collective heal, create ecological regeneration, and true abundance and wellness for all? Hosted by Kamea Chayne, Green Dreamer is here to help us find out. Through conversation with a wide array of experts from Sioux Chef Sean Sherman, to SeaLegacy’s Cristina Mittermeier, or 1% For the Planet’s CEO Kate Williams we start getting a better understaning og the many routes we can take for a better future for us and the planet.

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Written by SWAY



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