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Documentary: Seat at the table

Written by SWAY
Photo Youtube

Ahead of COP26 documentary filmmaker and climate activist Jack Harries joined forces with Youtube in an effort to shine a light on those affected the most by climate change and whose voices are rarely heard.

The story

Over the course of a 100 days, Jack and his team embark on a long journey through the UK by bike, boat, and train from the southern tip of the island all the way to the COP26 in Glasgow. Along the way Jack will explore some of the less discussed issues linked to climate change such as equality, food and mental health.

Through the voices of the different climate experts,activists and citizens he meets on his journey and their testimonies of how climate change is impacting their lives, Seat at the Table paints a realistic and human picture of the environmental crisis. From rising sea levels in the islands of Scully, to the impact of fossil fuels on pollution levels in London, Jack is joined on his quest by people from across the globe (from Thailand to Germany, via Morocco) suffering from the exact same issues but more often than not at an advance stage.

Why watch it

The 11 parts documentary series was ultimately shown to world leaders at the COP26. Whether they heard the messages of those in dire need of help and support from the Global North isn’t clear, but on a personal level there’s a lot we can learn and takeaway from the show.

Whilst Jack might not shy away from the bleak reality of climate change he puts the same amount of energy into highlighting the solutions that could change its course. Ultimately Seat at the Table gave us a lot of hope, including the one for a second season.

Seat at the table is available to watch now on Youtube at the the link below:

Written by SWAY



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