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About SWAY

At SWAY we celebrate the art of conscious, sustainable living. We believe that living in alignment with each other and the environment doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort, joy and beauty, quite the opposite. In a world that can feel increasingly complicated we set out to create a space that would help you navigate the complex (and frankly quite often overwhelming) topic of sustainability, we might not always get it right, but we are ok with that, progress over perfection is what we are aiming for. Curiosity is our compass, joy is our anchor, we hope SWAY is the oasis you always come to for inspiration, answers and some joie de vivre! 

Our ethos

It all starts with living curiously: we turn ideas on their head, sieve the globe to discover the best innovations and the incredible humans shaking the current narrative. We are thoughtful about the brands, people and projects we share with you; they all have a conscious approach to their craft, whether their focus is aligned with ethical or environmental values (or often both) they make the complicated question of sustainability theirs and that is what living life in a sustainable way means to us.

Our founder Sasha’s story

Sway is a very personal project, one that started in the Belgian countryside, where I grew up. A curly hair child from a very mixed cultural background (a melting pot of Rwandan, Belgian and Hungarian culture, with a sprinkle of British and Spanish to round it up!) one could say I always had one foot in the wild and one foot in the world. Thanks to what was then a slightly out-of-the-box upbringing and my multicultural heritage, I understood from an early age how intertwined environmental and cultural diversity were. Studying anthropology and then going on to work in the film industry only cemented this belief.

Moving to London when I was 18, I took with me all the lessons I had learnt living in the middle of nature but soon realised life in such a big city made being sustainable that much more difficult. I desperately tried to find inspiration on how to combine all the perks of my buoyant London life and the conscious and sustainable values and practices I grew up with but found none. They say if something doesn’t exist make it and so SWAY was born.

Living in Sway

To live in SWAY is to live a life driven by creativity, curiosity and joy. It’s being conscious and adventurous, aiming for progress not perfection. It’s going through life with eyes wide open and a sense of wonder in our steps. It’s meeting and learning from people from all walks of life and knowing there’s always more to discover, more to learn and more to love. That is the Sustainable WAY!

Live curiously,

act consciously

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