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Everything you need to know about skincare for black and brown skins

Written By SWAY

One thing we are really passionate about at SWAY is equal representation. While in recent years there has been an emergence of black owned beauty businesses, there is still a massive lack of information when it comes to the specific needs of darker skin tones.

Most beauty treatments are designed and tested on white skin, there is very little research about their efficiency or side effects for brown or black skin. Take micro-needling or facial laser treatments for instance, those will effectively remove pigmentation in someone with white skin, but could generate even more pigmentation in someone with black skin. The reason is darker skin tones are more prone to inflammation and inflammatory responses ( but they hold on longer and better to collagen so that’s a win).

Being of mixed African and European decent, even though my skin is on the fairer side I am aware that any rash, blemish or scratch will leave behind pigmentation marks even if I don’t expose my face to the sun and wear sunscreen religiously. Add to that the use of any products that aims to over push the skin into auto-repair ( the wrong type of acid treatment for example )and we are in for a distaster.

First things first, understand your skin’s need

Understanding your skin and its needs is essential to know what treatment and routine to go for. Luckily more and more resources are becoming available for those with brown and black skin to educate themselves.

Dija Ayodele founder of Westroom Aesthetics ‘s book ‘Black Skin: The Definitive Skincare Guide’ is a goldmine of knowledge on the subject. From the best ingredients for black women to look out for, to how to deal with the most common complaints affecting darker skin tones, Dija’s years of industry experience and historical research really shines through in her book, along with being a radiant celebration of black beauty and culture. A must read, whatever your skin colour.

Products for black and brown skin types

To address the specific concerns of darker skins types, it is a good idea to look out for black owned beauty brands or to focus on ingredients that will minimise inflammation in the skin and help its natural healing process.

Epara, Bea Skincare, Vitamin Infusion and Yendy are black owned beauty brands which were developed with black and brown skins in mind. While these serums from Medik8 and Votary are god send to maintain your skin’s resilience and keep inflammation at bay.


When it comes to facials and non-surgical cosmetics procedures finding the right practitioner which is familiar with the needs and requirements of darker skin tones is key. Before your first appointment it is advisable to ask them their experience and understanding of working with black and brown skins. Here are some of our favourites

Bianca Estelle Aesthetics: Bianca, a Harley Street-trained skin specialist, is a favourite among celebrities and beauty editors. An almost endless list of treatment options , mean whatever your concern and skin type, Bianca and her team will have the perfect protocole for you. Her approach is skin deep, don’t be surprised if your treatment comes with an vitamin IV drip, Bianca believes in taking care of both the inside and out for best results.

Marie Reynolds: Trained in too many health areas to list but including homeopathy, energetic medicine, and genetics counseling, Marie has made a name for herself by being the saviour of inflamed, reactive skins. Hers is a complete holistic approach, treatments are accompanied with a health protocole to make sure to address the root cause of the problem. Getting an appointment is hard ( but so worth the wait) but while you wait why not try her line of clean beauty products and supplements.

Westroom Aesthetics: using evidence based treatment products and protocols with a proven track record, Westroom Aesthetics, the clinic of black skin specialist Dija Ayodele, will effectively and safely deliver the best service for your skin. Should they feel you need to see another specialist they will connect you with the best one for your case. This is one of those rare places you can go with eyes closed and know you are in safe, expert hands.

Written By SWAY



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