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Documentary: Kiss The Ground

Written by SWAY

Narrated by Woody Harrelson, ‘Kiss The Ground’ is a documentary about soil regeneration and the toxic legacy of industrial farming. Soil is the foundation of both plant and human life, without a healthy soil there is no planet health and no human health. The question is how do we turn around what is currently a pretty grim situation?

The story

“We have 60 harvests left.” , this shocking announcement made in Kiss the Ground is based on the U.N.’s forecast that the world’s topsoil will be gone in sixty years. At the same time, a vast majority of the Earth’s land will be a desert or in the process of becoming one. This is all pretty bad news, but not all hope is lost, we still have the possibility of healing the planet and its ecosystems, the magic key: the soil. Focusing on the positive, the documentary dives into an exploration of regenerative practices that feed the earth, sustainable farming, the importance of cover crops, composting, and so much more. But Kiss The Ground , doesn’t sugar the reality, it also covers the history of soil degradation and what has lead to the current situation we are in (such as the invention and use of pesticides and intensive farming).

Why watch it

Kiss The Ground is by no means perfect and some sections were a bit odd ( the celebrities interventions ) but at its core it’s an approchable way of understanding a complex ecosystem. The focus is on abundance: the richness of soil, the diversity of our plant and animal species, and the intricate web of life. What Kiss The Ground shows us, is that when we protect, respect and take care of these resources they protect us back in return. Knowledge is power and in order to do better we must first know better, something this documentary will help us achieve .

Kiss The Ground is available to watch on Netflix

Written by SWAY



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