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Sustainable activewear brands for men

Written by SWAY
Photo Iffley Road

Following up on our womenswear edit, here’s our guide to sustainable activewear brands for men. As always in order to keep microplastics out of our oceans, try and prioritise natural fibers where you can. If you need to buy clothes made of polyester, make sure it is of the recycled kind and wash your gym clothes in a specifically designed bag that will catch microplastics, such as the Guppyfriend.


The facts: B-Corp, Climate Neutral, recycled or natural fibers

The people at Tentree see themselves as environmentalists who do clothing. A huge focus is put on transparency and finding the most sustainable materials for each item. They also use a percentage of each sale to plant trees and reverse carbon emissions.

Tentree Destination Agility Short Light image

Tentree Destination Agility Short Light


Allbirds Men

Allbirds Men’s Sea Tee



The facts: B-Corp, Climate Neutral, recycled or natural fibers, innovative, wide range.

Allbirds is a B-Corp brand with sustainability and nature at its core. Focusing on using natural fibre such as merino wool, eucalyptus or Tencel ( which is made out of wood pulp) they never forget about the technicality required from activewear. For instance,the men sea tee uses revolutionary natural materials like crab shells to reduce odour and stay fresh between washes and they’ve started to use Trino ( a mix of Merino& wood pulp). One of the best thing they have such a wide range!

Circle Sportswear

The facts: Circular fashion, recycled or natural fibers, Made in France, upcycling

Circle like the name hints at, focusses on circularity, ie: using resources with minimal impact on the environment, they try to keep the production loop as short as possible and all their clothes are designed to last. They also happen to be extremely comfortable and soft to touch, just like this bestseller t-shirt.

Circle Men Sport T-shirt image

Circle Men Sport T-shirt


BAM bamboo men training shorts image

BAM bamboo men training shorts


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The facts: made out of bamboo, which is not only a natural fiber but it’s moisture wicking and UV protective too.

BAM’s range is so wide you’ll be able to find equipment for almost any sports and outdoor activity you can think of. Great for you and the planet!

Organic Basics

The facts: B Corp, 1% for the Planet , Organic Natural Fibers 

Organic Basics mission: designing everything to last. That means investing in quality fabrics and workmanship – but it also means designing with simplicity and function in mind. Cue: their t-shirts and underwear range.

Organic Basics Men Silvertech T-shirt image

Organic Basics Men Silvertech T-shirt


Francus Into the Groove Sport Shorts image

Francus Into the Groove Sport Shorts



The facts: a focus on natural fibers such as merino wool and organic cotton and when needed the used of recycled polyester and nylon.  

Francus is a French brand which focusses on eco-designed men’s sportswear with the same consideration for performance, style and versatility. Expect durable pieces that can take you from a jog to an aperitif, without sacrificing on style, we say: oui!


The facts: Fair trade, lifelong repair guarantee, 1% for the Planet, Recycled Materials.

Patagonia was the first global company to fully embrace a sustainable approach to fashion and they are still market leaders. Their clothes are not only long lasting and eco-friendly but come with a lifelong repair guarantee!

Patagonia Men Storm10 Jacket image

Patagonia Men Storm10 Jacket


Iffley Road Marlow Lightweight Waterproof Jacket Black image

Iffley Road Marlow Lightweight Waterproof Jacket Black


Iffley Road

The facts: Technical, natural or recycled materials

Uk based Iffley Road creates some of the lightest, most technical and chic running jackets you’ll find out there. Make sure to check the rest of their range ,developed specifically with running in mind.

Written by SWAY



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