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Co-creating the future of fashion

Written by SWAY
Photo Réuni

REUNI means to be reunited: and that’s how everything starts for Alice and Adrien, husband and wife and co-founders of the brand. Following 10 years of working for some of the biggest names in fashion and unable to find a truly sustainable model, they set out to create their own, with one idea in mind: making clothes that do good.

The Concept

Once a month the creative duo asks their customers to fill a questionnaire on how the perfect jeans/t-shirt/ jumper/ coat should feel and look. Their trademark: timeless pieces of the highest quality that you will keep forever. This is the part where you summon your wish. And thanks to a pre-order process, they are able to offer the utmost level of quality at a price that is hard to rival..

Creative process

They then take this precious information and Alice the creative head of the duo gets to work with by her side a heavy weight of the fashion industry who is an expert in the piece they set out to create, be it a veteran of the jeans industry or a knitwear virtuoso.

Le t-shirt
THE coat, a timeless favourite


Meanwhile the search for the perfect manufacturing partners also starts, quality is a non-negotiable because for clothes to be truly sustainable they need to be made to last the test of time. Same goes for sustainability and ethics: their fabrics are GOTS certified and each garment is made by small family owned companies that share the same sustainability ethos as they do, transparency is the watchword here.

Once you’ve ordered your piece, you’ll be kept informed of the advances made through the creation process and 3 to 4 months later tadaaaaah your wish will be granted and you will receive your investment piece to cherish forever.

La chemise
Transparency throughout the process
Raw denim at its best

The Icons

Their knits and jumpers are particularly dreamy, oh but then so are their coats.

The +

REUNI operates through a system of pre-order to minimise any overproduction, they edit one piece at a time each month, with the idea of creating the perfect wardrobe. They are experts at walking you through how to pick the perfect size with pictures, videos and measurements on hand. Their pieces are shown on a diverse group of models, and if you need extra help, they’ll chat with you over whatsapp or email.

A percentage of all sales goes to charity.

Find out more about Réuni  HERE

Written by SWAY



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