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The Best Sustainable Scented Candles

Written by SWAY
Photo: Evermore

Candle brands seem to be blooming right, left and center these days. However, not all are created equal, and from a sustainability standpoint the subject is a bit of a minefield. Let’s shed some light on this shall we?

Which wax to choose

Waxes come in many varieties and from varying sources: animal, plant and mineral. For candles the most commonly used waxes are animal-based such as beeswax,plant-based such as soy, stearin and rapeseed, and paraffin which is made from petroleum byproducts and falls into the mineral category.

From a sustainability standpoint it could be argued that since unfortunately we still consume petroleum in vast quantities it’s best to make something out of its byproducts, however we think it’s more advisable to create demand for more sustainable resources and so would recommend going for plant based waxes or beeswax (unless you’re vegan and provided these are sustainably sourced). Luckily there’s plenty to choose from.


The facts: Vegan Rapeseed wax,made in England, hand-poured in recycled glass, naturally scented.

The +: Whether you like a woodsy scent or a floral one, these candles pack a punch and will embalm your home for hours.
Evermore Venus Candle  image

Evermore Venus Candle


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Moro Dabron

The facts:  Vegetable wax, naturally scented, poured into a ceramic vessel.

The +: Fresh and comforting at the same time, the smell is inspired by a forest haze after a rainstorm,  Once you are done use the vessel as planter. 
Moro Dabron Cyrus Candle  image

Moro Dabron Cyrus Candle


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The facts: black female owned business, vegan coconut wax, natural scent.

 The +: Inspired by the famous Yoruba Queen Idia, a symbol of female empowerment, this milky candle is as soft and sweet as it is fragrant. 
Liha Queen Idia Candle image

Liha Queen Idia Candle


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Perfumer H

The facts: Hand made in London, refillable, the highest quality natural scent, vegetable wax, handle blown glass by master craftsman Michael Ruh

The +: Few people know perfume like Lyn Harris does, expect the most refine scents in the industry.
Perfumer H Dandelion Candle  image

Perfumer H Dandelion Candle


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The facts: Made in the Uk, plant wax, natural scent, refillable. 

The +: Eym focusses on the proven aromatherapeutic benefits of essential oils scents. We love their refillable collaboration with Murano based Laguna B. 
Eym + Laguna B Soul Refillable Candle image

Eym + Laguna B Soul Refillable Candle


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Buly 1803

The facts:  plant -based wax, natural scent, unique scents 

The +: A feast for the eyes and nose, these candles smell as divine as they look and will be a chic and timeless addition to any room. 
A perfect gift.
Buly 1803 Retour D

Buly 1803 Retour D’Egypte Scented Candle


Flamingo Estate

The facts: vegetable wax, natural scent, member of 1% for the planet

The +: Everything that comes out of the lush gardens of Flamingo Estate does is a multi-sensorial experience and these candles are no exception
Flamingo Estate Roma Heirloom Tomato Candle image

Flamingo Estate Roma Heirloom Tomato Candle


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La Montana

The facts: organic, mix of plant and beeswax, natural scent 

The +: The husband and wife duo behind  La Montaña live part of the year in Spain, their candles are an ode to the country's vegetation and long, sunny summer days. 
La Montaña Siesta Candle image

La Montaña Siesta Candle


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Written by SWAY



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